Are you interested in partnering on GW Buddies Foundation's mission?

GW Buddies Foundation encourages you to contribute your skill in teaching, counselling, mentoring our cohort participants and/or supporting our operations. We always have positions open for this role. Sometimes we are able to offer a small remuneration for your time. This is a flexible role with no long term commitment. We define the objectives for your role with you at the table. Nothing gratifies us than seeing our work impact lives. So "Get Involved"

Are you a fresh graduate with little to no experience and would like to do a social good project?

We match you with the area of interest at the time of your enrollment. You could be a finance controller, product explorer, content writer or a vlogger. If none of these sound exciting, let us know what makes you a great fit for GWB Ambassador role. Although we do not expect any experience experience, it is only fair to show you got this role covered. So please complete the application and we cannot wait to get to know your "Awesomeness" Ready, Get Set, Go!

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